Ideas and Insights

Statistical Credit Scorecards: A Predictive Modeling Tool for Risk Estimation

The increasing competition and massive push towards digitalization and automation has shifted credit underwriting from traditional human judgement-based approach to more advanced & scientific methods. In light of this, scorecards have become absolutely vital to achieve effective underwriting process. Credit scorecards rank borrowers by their credit worthiness and quantify borrower’s probability to default. These scorecards are deployed not only by banks but also by other organizations such as telecom players..

Robust Data Management for Effective Risk Management at Banks

Lack of Information Technology (IT) competencies and data architecture to effectively warn decision makers..

Strategic Planning & KPI Development Survey

The last few years have been challenging in the GCC region on account of volatile oil prices, geopolitical tensions..

Putting Basel IV into perspective – What is in store for Banks

With advent of Basel III, which was focused on improving the quality and quantity of regulatory capital..

Regulatory Sandbox Framework: The Future of Kuwait Fintech

Financial Technology (Fintech) has emerged as a key source of competitive advantage globally..

Data Analytics core to Pay-TV corporate strategy

Big Data has taken center stage in Media strategy. It is being widely used by Pay-TV operators and OTT players..

Investor Relations: A vital tool to attract sophisticated investors

Investor Relations (IR) plays an important role in disseminating information about the health of..

From Support to Strategy: An Evolution of Procurement

Until recently procurement was considered as a passive and support function. However, with an increasing..

IFRS brings transparency, accountability and efficiency to global financial markets

In an era of globalization, financial reporting according to national jurisdiction local accounting standards..

Organizations need to realign their priorities to adjust to the changing business environment

The last couple of years have been a turbulent period for businesses in the Middle East. Low oil prices, political..

Evolving CFO Role: Not Just for Finance Anymore

The role of the CFO has seen a paradigm shift in today's fast-paced, ever-changing business environment..

Road to Governance: An overview of the Corporate Governance Landscape in GCC

Corporate Governance is a framework of practices that helps the board of directors safeguard accountability..